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With 6+ years of consulting and developing numerous Fortune 500 brand’s SEO programs, I know exactly what it takes to increase a websites exposure within Google’s search result listings.

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How Do I Achieve Significant Results For Each Brand I Work With?

I’ve developed a proprietary SEO framework that has proven to work time and time again. It’s all based on what I call the “I.B.C.D. Assessment”, or the Intent Based Content Delivery Assessment. The framework of this assessment allows for the development of a customized, strategic, and tactical plan to increase organic growth in any niche market.

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Brad is one of the brightest Enterprise Level SEO consultants I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the digital marketing industry. Brad has a proven record of understanding the unique client needs and then delivering actionable and sustainable SEO strategies that have a significant impact on overall business goals.  He approaches SEO holistically, integrating synergies into other marketing channels, which increases overall program effectiveness and maximizes marketing dollars.

Christi Hart

Director, SEO at Best Buy


Brad is one of the best assets to our company’s SEO success. He is dedicated, driven, has a passion for excellence and matches his strategies to clients’ overall goals to bring them tangible business value. Brad’s extensive knowledge of search engine optimization, emerging technologies, ability to think outside the box and apply new strategic insights has greatly improved USAA’s SEO program.


His desire to be the best, combined with an exemplary work ethic quickly earns Brad the trust, respect, and admiration of those he come in contact with.

Charise Whitaker

Director, Strategic Innovations at USAA


Brad brings an exceptional level of professionalism and knowledge to the complicated world of SEO. He has a keen ability to articulate information in a digestible way for people who may not have deep expertise on the subject, but also knows SEO at an incredible level of depth.


What’s more, Brad is pleasant and easy to work with. His easygoing personality makes him a valuable asset to any team and his wealth of knowledge quickly makes him a go-to for any client looking to make strides in SEO excellence.

Kerri Driscoll

Senior Director, Digital Strategy at Merkle


Brad’s knowledge of the SEO space is impressive, and he certainly understands how to put his digital strengths to work for his clients. Brad’s ability to navigate data, analyze it and then put it in terms that anyone can understand differentiates him from other SEOs who can only speak tech.


Clients come first to Brad, and he works very hard to get results, never losing his cool under pressure.

Vanessa Cooper

Senior Director, Account Management at Merkle


You can count of me to execute against a strategic plan with your end goals in mind. You can count on me to effectively communicate with your organization’s internal teams. You can count on me to always be on time. You can count of me to deliver real, tangible results.

About Brad

What differentiates me from the pack is the experience I have consulting for enterprise level brands. Brands with house hold names such as Office Depot, USAA, and Comcast, just to name a few. You won’t find another individual (outside of a high priced agency) with the same level of experience who is willing to directly work in the trenches with client’s internals teams to achieve their Brand’s yearly digital marketing goals.

I fill a very specific void in the digital marketing community and will only work with clients that fall into that particular category. Let’s face it, Brands have two options when looking for outside help with their search engine optimization efforts:

Option #1: Develop a relationship with a credible Digital Marketing Agency for a minimum spend of $15,000 per month. Because you meet the minimum monthly spend, you’re entitled to “50 hours” of work from their newly hired interns. Your Brand’s website is then used as a tool to teach the newly hired interns how to implement SEO best practices. Once the new hires are able to prove themselves, they are then transitioned onto the agency’s “more valuable” clientele who are paying upwards of $70,000 per month. Next thing you know, you’ll receive and email introducing a “new member of the agency team” eager to use your website as a testing ground.

Option #2: Hire a consultant that has a proven track record of search engine optimization success working with some of the largest companies in business today, all at a fraction of the cost. Someone you can count on to navigate the complexity of enterprise organizational structures and work with your internal team to execute against a strategic digital marketing plan.

“Option #2” is that very specific void I fill.

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