Increase Policy Applications By Improving Brand Awareness & Visibility In Google.

Discover the exact Online Visibility Framework top insurance brands are using to increase their policy applications through strategic digital marketing efforts.

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I Am Your Guide to Understanding How Digital Marketing (SEO) Can Grow Your Insurance Brand's Revenue.

I understand the many roadblocks most insurance brands face when attempting to increase their visibility and revenue online.

I’ve worked with numerous insurance companies just like you, including Fortune 500 brands like USAA, and I’ve walked them through an Online Visibility Framework. This proven framework breaks out the 8 steps you need to implement in order to not only increase your brand’s awareness and new policy applications online, but also to prevent revenue from stalling out.

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Brad is one of the best assets to our company’s SEO success. He is dedicated, driven, has a passion for excellence and matches his strategies to clients’ overall goals to bring them tangible business value. Brad’s extensive knowledge of search engine optimization, emerging technologies, ability to think outside the box and apply new strategic insights has greatly improved USAA’s SEO program.


His desire to be the best, combined with an exemplary work ethic quickly earns Brad the trust, respect, and admiration of those he comes in contact with.

Charise Whitaker

Director, Strategic Innovations at USAA


Brad is one of the brightest Enterprise Level SEO consultants I’ve had the pleasure of working with in the digital marketing industry.


Brad has a proven record of understanding the unique client needs and then delivering actionable and sustainable SEO strategies that have a significant impact on overall business goals.  He approaches SEO holistically, integrating synergies into other marketing channels, which increases overall program effectiveness and maximizes marketing dollars.

Christi Hart

Director, SEO at Best Buy


Brad brings an exceptional level of professionalism and knowledge to the complicated world of SEO. He has a keen ability to articulate information in a digestible way for people who may not have deep expertise on the subject, but also knows SEO at an incredible level of depth.


What’s more, Brad is pleasant and easy to work with. His easygoing personality makes him a valuable asset to any team and his wealth of knowledge quickly makes him a go-to for any client looking to make strides in SEO excellence.

Kerri Driscoll

Senior Director, Digital Strategy at Merkle


Brad’s knowledge of the SEO space is impressive, and he certainly understands how to put his digital strengths to work for his clients. Brad’s ability to navigate data, analyze it and then put it in terms that anyone can understand differentiates him from other SEOs who can only speak tech.


Clients come first to Brad, and he works very hard to get results, never losing his cool under pressure.

Vanessa Cooper

Senior Director, Account Management at Merkle


“I believe implementing traditional SEO best practices is never enough. In order for insurance brands to become a true leader online, they must develop a highly integrated organic search strategy that supports all marketing channels and parallels top level business objectives.”



Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Do our current SEO efforts support the brand’s overall business goals?
  • Why does it seem like our SEO efforts are plateauing?
  • Does our SEO strategy and execution support other marketing channels?
  • How can we increase our brand’s awareness and visibility in Google?
  • How can we increase online policy applications this year?

You’re in the right place!

Most Marketing Directors or CMOs struggle to build their brand’s online visibility and revenue. They often know where they need to be, but don’t know how to get to that point.

Growing a large insurance brands online presence is difficult! You feel that if you don’t make the necessary organic search adjustments this year, competitors may push you out of the online space very quickly.

I’ve spent the past 6 years developing and testing an 8-step Online Visibility Framework that allows insurance brands to implement a customized, strategic, and tactical search engine optimization plan to increase online revenue and brand awareness in all major search engine result listings. 

My Story

Before leaving a thriving career at one of the top performance marketing agencies in the country, I realized there was a large gap between the SEO service offerings that were given to Fortune 500 brands vs. brand’s who haven’t quite made it to that list yet.  It was an eye-opening experience once I discovered these large marketing agencies were charging upwards of $50,000 per month only to have their newly hired interns perform a few hours of SEO work on their client’s websites in a “test and learn” manner.

It was very apparent that I had the knowledge, experience, and proven framework to produce measurable, revenue based results more efficiently so brands are able to maximize their marketing dollars.

Now I help medium to large sized insurance companies increase online policy applications and overall revenue through strategic and tactical search engine optimization efforts that are customized to support their overall business goals.

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